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Automatic birds weighing is becoming an essential tool for poultry farming.

It tells instantly a reliable average weight using a high number of birds climbing up all day long. Usually, farmer needs to do it manually every couple of days, weighing a small amount.


One or more scales are suspended in the building. It is linked to a controller, which can be connected to Internet and easy to reach from computer or smartphone. All data can be viewed on screen or away.

Scale is adapted to the kind of birds. Broilers or layers are lighter than turkeys. And ducks are quite fearful. So they need a bigger and more stable scale.


Birds weighing tells homogeneity, average daily gain, and of course birds average weight in the building. Curves can be created from these numbers and it permits to know if real average weight follows the theoric growing curve.

Keeping an eye on this particular weight curve can also be helpful to prevent some issues. A stable curve can indicates that birds are having health troubles like an illness, feeding, drinking or ventilation problems, etc. But seeing that on growing curves, the farmer will be even more vigilant and responsive to a recognised trouble.